Jetstar Complaints

Flight cancelled and stuck at transition

Absolutely ridiculous experience. Our flight from Christchurch to Sydney got cancelled without notification. At first, I thought may be I didn’t receive their email notification because I booked through a third party. Later on I found out that my third party company have never received any notification regarding the cancellation at all. Regardless of who’s story is true, I was really disappointed with the way how Jetstar handled the incident. As they told us there’s no direct flight to Sydney on the day which left us no choice but to wait at the airport for more than 16 hours to transit...

Stuck in Sydney overnight back in July ... $8 cash refund and a $50 voucher so far as compensation

Got stuck in Sydney after the last flight out was cancelled despite knowing they had a backlog all day long. Made everyone line up at the gate until the very last minute before cancelling the flight and telling everyone to come back tomorrow.

The whole process of rebooking was a complete $%#@ up, but that's another story.

Eventually got hoe mid afternoon the following day and put in my claim for hotel accom ($177) at SYD and meals ($30). Total cost $207 - Jetstar agreed to pay $150 as was their policy. Kept at it and kept at it arguing if they could show me a hotel...


My younger brother and I separately booked our tickets from Adelaide to Brisbane 3 days apart, when we got to the airport somehow there was only 2 tickets in his name. I live in Queensland and my brother doesn’t, there is no possible way I put his name on my ticket. We tried talking to all the staff around the luggage counter and they were just being rude and not helpful, one lady made it so I couldn’t print out my boarding pass. I had to go to the front desk and try to get help, I’m obviously frustrated and upset as I think I’m about to not get to go home. They get federal police to...

Extra legroom bungle

Booked a trip to gold coast flying this websites favorite airline. We paid extra to get seats with extra legroom as I know "the airline that cannot be named" has small seats. Firstly they delayed the flight for 30 mins and then we boarded the plane. all ok. Got seated and then stewardess noticed I had hearing aids and that we would have to change seats. The reason is that the extra legroom seats are emergency exit routes and people there are asked to help if required. No issue am am 57 years young. I said that the hearing aids were a trial (they actually are) and I would take them out as...

Dishonest staff handling our flight cancellation

This is a serious complaint case as our flight cancellation was not handled appropriately by Jetstar. Firstly, flight cancellation was informed via email and sms on 7 Sep 19 less than 24h prior to initial scheduled flight time so we were given very little time to react. Upon realisation the next morning (day of the flight on 8 Sep 19), we clicked into the link provided and realised that there were no flight replacement options available. The only option we were provided with through the link is cancellation and reimbursement. We called the customer service line and were told that the next...

Jetstar upgrade - seriously?

We fly to Bali in 3 weeks. On the website the price of a business class airfare is $722 per person vs economy fare price of $502. A difference of $220 or $1100 for the five of us. When I asked jetstar if we could upgrade, I was quoted $4980!! What the actual? I asked why the difference is so high and was told it was due to change fees??

Flight Cancelled. Mixed messages from Phillipines cell centre morons.

My flight from the Gold Coast to Adelaide today was cancelled at the last minute. Im not sure why.
The next flight was not until tomorrow so I rebooked.
This was very inconvenient because I missed my business meeting in Adelaide and lost one night at the hotel I had pre booked.
Jetstars call centre is staffed by Philippine morons with the intellect of five year olds. They told my I could spend $150 on a hotel and $30 on a meal as compensation. The first one told me I could use this when I got to Adelaide.
This sounded a bit strange so I called again. The second one...

Jetstar exploits woman with Down's Syndrome for positive PR

Recently there was a woman with Down's Syndrome named Georgia who dreamed of being a member of the cabin crew. Did Jetstar give her a full-time job? Nope, they hired her as a flight attendant "for a day". As a disabled person myself I found the whole thing patronizing. Why don't they offer her an actual full-time job? It's clear they just did this for the positive PR and so media consumers can have their feel good inspiration story.

being ripped off

after booking a flight i booked a bundle package try to change flight times only to be a extra $50 dollars would apply try to explain to them but shit for brains would not listen best thing trying to tell i was wrong told that the specail was still on but stupid said no i was wrong best part they dont work oz but overseas will not fly again and just wright them off to show people what a shit run company they really are

Why I Never Ever Fly Jetstar

Son visited us in southern Japan during the Obon Festival and despite my advice flew Jetstar. Well anyone familiar with airlines especially within Japan realize the absolutely shameful rorting conducted by airlines during these periods which add hundreds of dollars to tickets purchased other than at less popular times, and Jetstar would be by far the worst when factoring in their seemingly total lack of empathy and service.
My son travelled light from Tokyo but due to my wife and I buying him gifts to take back he was slugged 4000 yen ($65) for the 2.9kg over his 7 kg carry-on...

Open Letter to Jetstar Japan

I’m not one who usually writes a very openly long post and often times avoid such chaotic situation. But after what I have seen, I knew I had to do my part in speaking out on the medium I knew best. In hopes that this will reach the company’s executives and improve their service so that the next passengers won’t experience the same disappointment as we did and to inform those of what could happen in the unfortunate event that the same case would occur. I am speaking out on behalf of the hundreds of passengers that tried talking to the staff but...

No STARs in Jetstar

Jetstar SUCKs !
What a horrible company to deal with and their support staff are totally unsympathetic. Made an error in booking my flight which is in 5 months’ time. I booked an 11am flight instead of 11pm.

Less than 12 hours after I made the booking I noticed the error and contacted Jetstar, only to be told that I made the error (thanks but I already know this). They also informed me that it was going to cost $75 per person to change the booking because it is an international flight from Bali. Plus there was also going to be a price difference in the fare. I told them that...


i booked tickets for a holiday for myself and children ,previous to this my mother since december was on urgent waitling list for surgery for cancer having been 7 months nothing from hospital regarding it i thought a short holiday would be visable so booked it for november ,i didnt use the insurance option because a few years ago i used this option after being told by sales rep i was covered if my son couldnt make flight as he had never flown before and has severe anxiety and borderline autistic so when it came close to flight he didnt want to go on a plane so i went to jetstar and asked...

cancelled jetstar flight

our flight to the gold coast was cancelled at late notice, our replacement flight is 10 hours later, we will now miss our commitments, we were tolled that it was cancelled due to bad weather? 11.00pm at nite for a 10.05 am flight, flights before and after were flying, I think it was due to lac of numbers, how ever we booked this flight on 2/3/2019, total disregard for there customers.


LEFT PERTH 11/ 6 /2019 JQ116o on a 3 Hour Delayed JETSTAR flight on disembarking on Damaged Wet Metal Stairs had a Bad fall, Ground staff carried me to a bus that took me the Main Entrance of the Airport where they carried me to a Wheelchair then one them took me through all the Checkouts to a car that took me to Hospital she said take your Hospital bills to Jetstar at the airport and the will get a full refund what joke . The Bali Supervisor the accident never happened was his attitude make report in PERTH frightened of litigation covering his Backside but still changed my flight back...

Terrible, pathetic service of Jetstar!

I went to wait at the gate and heard the announcements that everything on you will be weighed to ensure they are within 7kg limit or they will throw luggage away unless you pay the fine $, I have my luggage weighed well below 7kg, then they asked to weigh my handbag together which is 8kg in total. Then they didn’t want to give me the sticker to go, instead asking me to pay $60.. well I can wear extra clothing but does that need to be that impersonal? I asked that I am only 50kg, does that 1kg you really want me to put on me to let me go? Can you think that I am weighing 51kg instead? They...

Online booking crashed, now want $100 more to book same seats.

We researched flights and found the ones that suited us and tried to book online. After about 15 minutes going through every question, the system comes back with UNKNOWN ERROR.

We contacted support by phone and they are more than happy to help and after spending another 15 minutes going through the questions with them, they come back with a price $100 dearer. They advise they cannot do it for the online price, even though their system had generated an error.

We went back online and tried again, and surprise, surprise, the price had gone up and we were now able to book the...

Refund request for goods not received


Dear Jetstar Team,

Both my wife and I booked a flight from Honolulu to Sydney on the 15th of April 2019, JQ957, Booking Reference XC6JUL.
A few days prior to our departure we were informed that this particular flight was canceled and were being transferred to a Qantas flight leaving the same day.
As we had booked and paid for the...

Another Sadistic Jetstar Staff

Last night, I had the misfortune to encounter some ugly old hag at Jetstar called Jane. With a old woman bun and Nanna glasses that she looks over her witchty poo nose. Firstly, I encountered this creature on the counter where they ever so friendly take your bag. Jane was sitting staring into space, not paying attention to anyone and letting her workmates do all the work, then unfortunately see the same old sad sadistic creature at the coffee shop area where the gate is, wheeling some small bag. Jetstar Management, you need to rethink your employment standards. And to top, if off my...

Stranded in Sydney.

Got a text from Jetstar a couple of hours before our flight to Maroochydore, flight cancelled due to weather....wot the....clear sunshine at both ends and all other airlines flying. It seems this is Jetstars way of not having to refund and stealing your money. Had to buy tickets on a qantas flight 2 hours later, that managed to fly through that terrible weather. Backwards and forwards with Jetstar only willing to offer a voucher for 2/3rds of price. They just, will not refund the money paid for a service not delivered.
It would seem the ACCC has had no effect on this shit airline,...

LONG Immigrations & PILOT did NOT wait 2 minutes more for LOYAL Passenger

Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Immigration was so long and tedious it caused me to be late for checking into the Boarding gate. I reached there on time & but the ground handlers have already locked the gate in the front, preventing me from going into the aircraft.

they claimed that I was late but I tried to explain that I ran from the Immigrations to the C1 boarding Gate, they didn't have the heart to let me in & said that I was too late but the aircraft was still parked there.

I complained to the immigrations and told them too long queues & X-ray checks were too long.... I...

left behind

I booked and paid for a week-end in melbourne from adelaide, and, I got over there with some trouble, I got searched, and chatted, but I got there, but 5am monday morning I got as text saying my flight was cancelled, and to ring the number they sent me, well It did take a while to get through, but when i did, the person on the other end was quite rude, and said the flight was cancelled because of the weather, and there was nothing he could do, no other flights available for me, and i needed to get back that morning, as i work in the afternoons, but I ended up catching the bus back to...

Disability - Issues

I was horrified to read about the recent issue for a lady in Perth boarding a flight to go to Adelaide. Jetstar needs to get its act together to treat people fairly. They knew before the lady boarded that she was blind and deaf. To humiliate her at the airport and say she couldn’t board because she couldn’t read or hear safety card instructions.

Jetstar has to be the worst airline in the world . Get your act together and do the right thing . Improve your police to accommodate all people with disabilities.

Another reason why I won’t fly jet star.