Jetstar Complaints

Non rebooking on 2 flights by Jetstar staff

I just hope I get home today as your flights get cancelled for no reason and your staff are so unhelpful that even though I was online getting assistance when my flight was cancelled and I asked to be put on next available flight an hour later they didn't do this, I then phoned to get this done, quoted another hour later. Agreed just to get flight now I find that hasn't happened either so waiting 2 hours later trying to sort this out Jetstar you are appalling. Third time got booked on Qantas flight leaving 7.35pm (now postponed to 8.05pm) so instead of being home to have dinner with my...

“Cancelled flight” not really cancelled - price gouging

Purchased a flight for myself and my children to Penang at a bargain price months ago. Email from Jetstar 48 hours notice that the flight was cancelled due to engineering problem. Flight to Singapore is actually flying and is fully booked. Jetstar refused to allow me on the “cancelled flight” and offered a refund or a flight 17 days later. Too bad our family reunion and wedding will be over. Thought the email was just a checkin reminder as it did not have cancelled in title. No sms. First and last time booking jetstar. Believe this is price gouging. Beware of their bargain prices - they “...

A misunderstanding and not comprehensive at all

Due to sandstorm in November 2018, more than 40 flights have been cancelled. My boyfriend had to go with an another airline company in GC for a big Pacific tournament. Unfortunately, they delayed our friday night flight to a Sunday 10am flight. It was too late for the tournament. So we went to Jetstar counter and asking if they had a flight before sunday morning. The man said 'we have a flight at 6'. We buy it directly in cash $821 for a one way only. Prices were very expensive regarding all flight delays but we had no choice, my boyfriend trained for 1 year and did many diet for this...

Overcharged $575.00 for baggage, despite a listed price on my ticket confirmation

On Oct. 22, 2018 we began our journey back to Canada. We began in Christchurch and we had booked our flight through United, but were put on a partner airline, JetStar. It was a horrible experience. We arrived at the airport early for our 6:30 am flight. We each had one checked bag, and then one ski bag making for a total of 3 bags. On our way from Canada we were charged 100$ for our extra checked bag. In Christchurch JetStar charged us $575 for our extra checked bag. We tried to explain that we had booked through United Airlines and showed the lady at the counter and the manager our United...

Technology Failures

First even was a few weeks back when booked via their App - because I am a Club JetStar member it over-wrote my name over the staff member I was booking for - took nearly an hour on the phone to get them to suck up the nearly $300 in charges.
Now go again - crashes half way through booking - rushing and I pick the wrong flight. Get onto their help before the email confirmation arrives - they charge $85 change fee and don't refund the fare difference as it is a cheaper flight. Offered a $50 voucher - whoop dee doo. So short sighted.

Lack of pre boarding Communication

Jetstar you suck.

There is a cursed flight from Brisbane to Newcastle JQ485 supposed to leave 3.30pm daily to Newcastle. Last Thursday29/11/2018 it sat at the gate for an hour before we got off the ground. And now today (Sunday 2/12/2018) we experience a 4 hour delay with stuff all info as to why provided.

There was no updates on the monitors nor were there any visible staff on hand to enquire with. And after over an hour delay there was a website post advising inbound flight diverted. It took over 2 hours after scheduled departure time that any updates were posted onto the...

Jetstar's broken website booking system

I fly often with Jetstar (because I am a cheapskate), or fly in my girlfiend(s). However, Jetstar leaves them habitually stranded midway in Singapore.

Again, last Wednesday my princess flew out from Melbourne but the flight was delayed by one hour and 40 minutes. She still could have made the connection and the check-in gentlemen at Melbourne Airport told her that there were 7 others also going to Phnom Penh, and they would be met at Singapore to be escorted.

In Singapore there was nobody from Jetstar to be seen. Desperately in tears my princess called me asking what to do....

$60 overweight bagS

When I arrived at the gate they weighed my carryon bag with my handbag and computer. He said you bag is overweight it needs to be checked in. I asked if I needed to go back downstairs to do that and his reply was to go to the counter and pay $60 and they would check my bag in for me. I went to the counter the lady took my credit card payment then when she went to take my bag she said oh that’s ok you can carry it on. When I asked if I still had to pay she said yes and walked away.
What exactly did I pay for?

Cancellation of flight

Just got on to JQ723 from Sydney to Hobart. Sitting in my assigned seat when an announcement was made that there were problems and the flight was cancelled. Got off the plane as directed and tried to ask the gate staff what we had to do next. There were five staff there that were excellent at avoiding eye contact. The ones that you could corner were the rudest and most unresponsive that I have ever had to deal with.

Congratulations Jetstar on the quality of your staff at a time of maximum confusion. The quality was that low that it can only improve (I hope!).

Flight cancelled no flights available until the next day

I got to the Wellington airport extra (22-11-18) early to allow for any mishaps, waited in line for an hour, got to the counter to have the nice lady tell me the flight had been cancelled and they could get me on a flight the next day. Given the conference I needed to be at that day I declined their offer. The clerk told me to go on line regarding refunds. I had to spend a lot of time on line searching and then on the phone to get a case number, otherwise, so I painfully learned, JetStar would not accept my e-mails. Also other airlines text to indicate a change so passengers can make...

No "Paid for" Meal Supplied

Flight from Denpasar to Darwin was two and half hours late and then the meal we paid for wasn't delivered. Told I should have come up the front and complained earlier. What happened to the list of meals for people they used to have? Jetstar put every other airline out of business on the Darwin-Denpasar trip, so they now have the monopoly and act like it.

Chase up your own Lost Property - it is often there!

Left an item on a a JQ flight on Sunday. Lodged a lost property claim. Outcome of my case 07254615 via JQ email today at 1500 - “unable to locate your item blah blah”. 2 hrs later: Text from my QF hostie mate who chased it up personally at Brisbane airport JQ Lost Property and lo and behold it was there and the lovely Rinnai was very happy she was able to return it. Moral of the story: JQ don’t even look for your lost property! They just send the requisite emails within the prescribed time frames. Shame!

seating allocation not granted

I booked and paid for a aisle seat due to an leg injury, and when i got on the flight I was stuck in the middle seat for a 10 hour flight from Hawaii to Sydney, even though they had aisle seats available. I put in a complaint and this is what i got told.

Thank you for contacting Jetstar.

I have reviewed your case and requested a refund of AUD $9.00 be processed back to your credit card. This is to cover your seat fee. You should receive it within 8 business days.

I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed in your seat on your recent flight. Whilst we try to ensure all...


After booking a flight to New Zealand for two people including surfboards we get to the airport to be told I've only paid for the handling fee costing us $25 per kg forcing us to fork out $825 right before a 5 week holiday.! Only to contact them and they offer me a $50 voucher. I don't want your useless voucher as I won't be flying Jetstar again.

Carry on baggage stolen from above our heads Jetstar

Be warned
Had our bag stolen from on board compartment
We placed 2 bags above us
These were the ONLY bags above us
We didn’t go to our baggage the whole flight u til landing
Then one bag was missing and two smaller bags of someone else’s replaced
All my gift and Xmas shopping gone
Can’t be replaced as bought only unique items
Jetstar said
Can’t find it .... sorry
NO guidance or help or pointers in the right direction to go look for it or report it
Had to do it all ourselves
Flight attendants walked through the...

Japan cancellation

I was booked on a flight from Hong Kong to Osaka tomorrow (21/9/2018) arriving at Osaka at 2 a.m. Due to the typhoon, no taxis are allowed to go to the airport and at that hour of the night there are no trains and no buses. Essentially you can't get out of the airport until transport starts around 5:30. Didn't really want to stay in the airport all night so wanted to cancel the flight. No surprises that they won't refund the ticket, but they don't even refund the taxes and other charges including for a meal that won't get eaten! I'm going to try to put in an insurance claim. The customer...

Jetstar discriminates against families

The first and last time I flew Jetstar

Jetstar discriminates against young families and here is how.
I'm flying with my wife and my 2yr old son. He has a booked seat and is not flying on our lap. This gives us a 7kg each - 21kg.

With our online check in complete and our omboard luggage ready to go we made the mistake of asking the help desk about checking in the pram at the gate.

The answer was no, no check in at the gate. We risk the pram not making the flight.
This meant carrying a tierd 2yr old through to the gate.

Our next mistake was to check...

wheelchair accssability

JETSTAR hi everybody just a short story on how I was treated by Jet Star on September 2 I had booked a holiday to go to Thailand I had been two years previous with Jet Star my travel agent Mark has organized the last three years2016 and 2017 had no problem this year we booked the flights my travel agent rang head office to make sure everything would be okay before the flights were booked they said it will be the same as the last two years if I have two carers they would supply help 2 men to help transfer me the last two years I have taken my own sling we put it under me and 4 people grab a...

The Gold Coast - Cairns Route - What a Sham!

Gold Coast / Cairns forms part of Jetstar Australia's - International Japan route so it will come as no surprise that they often cancel the domestic flights to better utilise international aircraft capacity! This has now happened to my wife and I on several occasions. It sort of feels like another sneaky Jetstar tactic - to cancel their domestic flight and combine it on the International leg. You usually only get a few hours notice but with international check-in you also need to be there no later than an hour before AND worse you have to go through the hassle of customs. The only Vale-...

How to avoid paying the new combined carry on luggage weight excess charges

I had never heard of this new combined carry on baggage weight before - until this morning. My wife's handbag and my small briefcase meant we were 4 kgs over the 14kg allowed between us - so got pinged $60. Good for one good all you say. Well sadly NO - as this new rule is not consistent (especially to some of the backpackers I observed ) as some have found clever way to beat the hand luggage weighing system and have got it down patt.
Here's how it works - they wait until the Final Boarding and even when staff begin calling the passengers name - so they then come rushing down to...

How to avoid paying the new combined carry on luggage weight excess charges

I had never heard of this new combined carry on baggage weight before - until this morning. My wife's handbag and my small briefcase meant we were 4 kgs over the 14kg allowed between us - so got pinged $60. Good for one good all you say. Well sadly NO - as this new rule is not consistent (especially to some of the backpackers I observed ) as some have found clever way to beat the hand luggage weighing system and have got it down patt.
Here's how it works - they wait until the Final Boarding and even when staff begin calling the passengers name - so they then come rushing down to...

Jetstar cancels our flights

Jetstar cancelled our flights from Adelaide to melbourne on 23/8/2018 flight JQ771 departing Adelaide 06.10 in the morning three hours before departure. This booking was made few months ago,
Therefore to arrive on time for our international flight,we had to make another booking at 04.00 am with another airline paying $666.55 for Adelaide to melbourne. Very disappointed, our holiday started of very stressful.