Jetstar Complaints

Cancellation of Bali flight

My daughter has just experienced the cancellation of her Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Bali. According to her, tourist gossip in Bali is that lots of the Bali to and return flights are being cancelled. She is wondering of she should just book a return flight on Qantas and be done with it!

Does anyone know the reason(s) for this?

Compassionate Refunds

Paid $404 return to Tasmania departing 8/11 Fractured tibeau, meniscus and patela damaged specialist says months on crutches maybe surgery lots of pain basically cannot walk. Spent ages with Jetstars on line representatives to obtain some assistance in getting for example a refund... as old aged pensioners typing information was soo hard. Anyway, Jetstar..change flight date/time cost $85 per flight plus fare difference... roughly an additional $462 No thanks! Jetstar...Sorry no refund see our fare rules.What about a compassionate refund Jetstar...assists customers whose travel plans are...

Cancelled jetstar flight due to enineering problem !!!!

JetStar cancelled my Melbourne to Bali flight on Monday 14th Jan 2019 at 10.30 pm via text the flight was due to leave Tues 6.50 pm, the text offered a link to make alternative flights!! when I attempted to book these flights they were all booked out. After 2 hours I found a flight leaving from Melbourne to Adelaide Thursday 17th Jan at 2.50 pm then board a Bali flight from Adelaide at 6.40 pm Thursday. 48 hours and 2 nights lost accommodation and after 5 attempts on chat talk and a phone call to JetStar complaints all I got was an apology from the lady on the phone. absolutely defiantly...


Staff dont speak good english that is why mis interpreted..
Id fell hold up and the counter name is SAE a trying hard english spoken
The supervisor is NANOKO and the manager is worst..

Japan jetstar is the worst rudist i have ever ever encounter...with no heart no consideration even a 1 kilo excess i have prove..

I am not in the hotel because i dont have a choice..

Cancelled flight & delay on rescheduled flight

Jetstar Gold Coast to Osaka was cancelled on us 13/1/19 the day before our flight via a text message, then we were given an alternative route arriving 3 hours later then the original flight - Gold Coast to Narita then to Osaka. This second flight is now 1.5hours running late.

I vow never to fly Jetstar again, we only wanted to fly the Dreamliner Gold Coast via Cairns to Japan. I could have flown from Brisbane where we live admmitingly for more money but money isn’t an issue for us. The level of service is 2nd class and they blatantly lie to you about why the planes are cancelled...

A cancelled re-booking totally stuffed up

What a great Jetstar experience yesterday (9th January). I was in Adelaide to attend a funeral, and booked to return to Sydney on JQ 767 at 6.45 pm. Around noon on that day I got an SMS that the flight had been cancelled, but “don’t need to do anything as you have been rebooked”. No details of what the rebooking was. EIGHT attempts to contact Jetstar over the next hour resulted in finally getting through to someone who said that, no I hadn’t been rebooked; I had to ring “holidays” because I had a hotel booking on the same itinerary. Half an hour later I finally got to someone who rebooked...

Flight delays both ways on same day

04/01/2019 flight to Wellington from Auckland departing at 7 am was delayed by over an hour causing me to miss an appointment in Wellington and to have to re-schedule.

The the return flight on the same day at 17.35 pm was again delayed for well over an hour. Absolutely ridiculous and when customer services reply they just treat you as another misfortune in their plethora of complaints. They need to address each complain as if it was happening to them!

Avoid this airline like the plague. Will never use them again!

Jetstar Website

I booked tickets earlier today to fly to Tasmania for the labour day long weekend in January 2019 leaving Melbourne on Friday the 25/1/2019 and returning on the Monday 28/1/2019, when i received my "delayed email" my return date showed being the 4th February 2019. Long Story short when i called Jetstar and was transferred to their off shore call centre and tried to explain my predicament, the operator was claiming i made a mistake........regardless of the fact i double and triple checked my booking and had my daughter witness this, but to add insult to injury was saying it was going to...

Racism from a passenger and no assistance from crew

My brother and his wife and their 3 year old son were on a flight to Newcastle when my sister in law was putting her book away on the seat pocket in front of her and was abused by a woman sitting in front of her abusing my 3 year old nephew accusing him of kicking the seat and by seeing the colour of my nephew proceeded to call my sister in law a “black bitch” (my sister in law is Caucasian). The crew were called over and advised of what had happened and they actually told my brother and sister in law that they would eject them off the plane if they didn’t calm down. How is encouraging a...

Jetstar cancelled the international flight in 12 hrs before departure

At Jetstar we never cancel flights on the day of departure for commercial reasons, or when we have not sold enough seats. However, despite all the efforts we make, it is sometimes unavoidable that a flight is delayed or that we have to cancel a flight on the day you're due to travel.

Due to engineering requirements your flight JQ7 30/12/2018 from Melbourne to Singapore has been cancelled.

We apologise for the unexpected change to your travel plans. For help with your booking, or to check available alternate flights, choose an option...

Jetstra Error which I now have to pay extra or lose my original flight payment

I booked a return flight from Cairns to Brisbane return for January 2019 online by my mobile phone in November to see my family in Brisbane. The site was playing up at the time and would not register my booking on the first effort unless I booked baggage choice as well. I did that. It took over two hours to book as it was a cheap flight Friday frenzy booking and I guess there were many people booking at the same time with only 8 hours to book.
On receiving a reminder tonight 25/12/2019 to get ready for my flight in January, the booking now was from Brisbane to Cairns return. I...

Customer Service Fail / Third World Experience

I paid a good price to fly on the 22nd of Dec 2018.
I arrived at the domestic terminal 1.30 hours early due to the busy time of year.
My taxi could not drop me off at the terminal - instead he had to drop me in front of the Qantas Terminal where we walked around to the Jetstar Terminal and joined a line behind 150 approx other people to slowly enter the terminal to be allocated to an even slower line just to drop bags off. That line barely moved and took at least an hour to be able to drop off the bag - which was already labeled.
The flight was delayed and while waiting...

Cancelled flight in the middle of Xmas holidays season due to airlane fault and no alternatives

Xmas time, 22nd December. flight to Bali from Melbourne was cancelled without any compensation or info, just saying due to technical reasons. Over 1 hour on the phone, still nothing. They offer alternative flights only after holidays season, which of course is unreasonable - we all have jobs. And after holiday season should be different prices
Find out jetstar has the worst terms and conditions, when they are not accountable for compensation or refund of cancelled flights, even by airplane fault.

Rude staff - ill equipped to deal with cancellations due to bad weather

Flight to Hobart at 5:45pm today was cancelled due to extreme weather at Sydney airport. Next available flight not till Sunday morning. Means I miss a very important function. Not JetStar's fault. These things happen.
However, when I expressed my dismay about missing the function to the staff member at Gate 57 she refused to serve me because I was making my issue "personal" which was apparently upsetting to her.
I left the airport without being able to rebook a flight, or obtain a voucher. It's taken me hours at home to organize a refund voucher and I only got that...

Jetstar left two solo female passengers having to hitch-hike home

Jetstar left two solo female passengers to hitch-hike home last night. One from Coollangatta to Brisbane and one from Coollangatta to Ballina. Jetstar cancelled and delayed lots of flights yesterday. In my case, it left me having to make my own way home to Brisbane from the Gold Coast between 10 pm and 12.30 am in the early hours of Tuesday morning. On the same flight, I witnessed another woman who had to hitch-hike home to Ballina

Non rebooking on 2 flights by Jetstar staff

I just hope I get home today as your flights get cancelled for no reason and your staff are so unhelpful that even though I was online getting assistance when my flight was cancelled and I asked to be put on next available flight an hour later they didn't do this, I then phoned to get this done, quoted another hour later. Agreed just to get flight now I find that hasn't happened either so waiting 2 hours later trying to sort this out Jetstar you are appalling. Third time got booked on Qantas flight leaving 7.35pm (now postponed to 8.05pm) so instead of being home to have dinner with my...

“Cancelled flight” not really cancelled - price gouging

Purchased a flight for myself and my children to Penang at a bargain price months ago. Email from Jetstar 48 hours notice that the flight was cancelled due to engineering problem. Flight to Singapore is actually flying and is fully booked. Jetstar refused to allow me on the “cancelled flight” and offered a refund or a flight 17 days later. Too bad our family reunion and wedding will be over. Thought the email was just a checkin reminder as it did not have cancelled in title. No sms. First and last time booking jetstar. Believe this is price gouging. Beware of their bargain prices - they “...

A misunderstanding and not comprehensive at all

Due to sandstorm in November 2018, more than 40 flights have been cancelled. My boyfriend had to go with an another airline company in GC for a big Pacific tournament. Unfortunately, they delayed our friday night flight to a Sunday 10am flight. It was too late for the tournament. So we went to Jetstar counter and asking if they had a flight before sunday morning. The man said 'we have a flight at 6'. We buy it directly in cash $821 for a one way only. Prices were very expensive regarding all flight delays but we had no choice, my boyfriend trained for 1 year and did many diet for this...

Overcharged $575.00 for baggage, despite a listed price on my ticket confirmation

On Oct. 22, 2018 we began our journey back to Canada. We began in Christchurch and we had booked our flight through United, but were put on a partner airline, JetStar. It was a horrible experience. We arrived at the airport early for our 6:30 am flight. We each had one checked bag, and then one ski bag making for a total of 3 bags. On our way from Canada we were charged 100$ for our extra checked bag. In Christchurch JetStar charged us $575 for our extra checked bag. We tried to explain that we had booked through United Airlines and showed the lady at the counter and the manager our United...

Technology Failures

First even was a few weeks back when booked via their App - because I am a Club JetStar member it over-wrote my name over the staff member I was booking for - took nearly an hour on the phone to get them to suck up the nearly $300 in charges.
Now go again - crashes half way through booking - rushing and I pick the wrong flight. Get onto their help before the email confirmation arrives - they charge $85 change fee and don't refund the fare difference as it is a cheaper flight. Offered a $50 voucher - whoop dee doo. So short sighted.

Lack of pre boarding Communication

Jetstar you suck.

There is a cursed flight from Brisbane to Newcastle JQ485 supposed to leave 3.30pm daily to Newcastle. Last Thursday29/11/2018 it sat at the gate for an hour before we got off the ground. And now today (Sunday 2/12/2018) we experience a 4 hour delay with stuff all info as to why provided.

There was no updates on the monitors nor were there any visible staff on hand to enquire with. And after over an hour delay there was a website post advising inbound flight diverted. It took over 2 hours after scheduled departure time that any updates were posted onto the...

Jetstar's broken website booking system

I fly often with Jetstar (because I am a cheapskate), or fly in my girlfiend(s). However, Jetstar leaves them habitually stranded midway in Singapore.

Again, last Wednesday my princess flew out from Melbourne but the flight was delayed by one hour and 40 minutes. She still could have made the connection and the check-in gentlemen at Melbourne Airport told her that there were 7 others also going to Phnom Penh, and they would be met at Singapore to be escorted.

In Singapore there was nobody from Jetstar to be seen. Desperately in tears my princess called me asking what to do....

$60 overweight bagS

When I arrived at the gate they weighed my carryon bag with my handbag and computer. He said you bag is overweight it needs to be checked in. I asked if I needed to go back downstairs to do that and his reply was to go to the counter and pay $60 and they would check my bag in for me. I went to the counter the lady took my credit card payment then when she went to take my bag she said oh that’s ok you can carry it on. When I asked if I still had to pay she said yes and walked away.
What exactly did I pay for?