Jetstar Complaints

A complete rip off

I have never seen an airline charging you for bit extra kilos. Was carrying a laptop so I got 2 kgs extra. Charged unreasonable amount. Apparently that's how they run their business. Rather pay few bucks extra and go for better airline. Also, flight got delayed due to staff shortage. Wow!

Staff Incompetency is astonishing

Flight 3K 672 from Penang to Singapore. The computer system was down, and check-in had to be done manually. Three open counters with 7 staff members. It took about 15+ minutes per passenger.

And what’s even more shocking is that staff ignored the queue and asked white people to check in first until some of us protested. Dear Jetstar, Malaysia is no longer a British colony, FYI. White privilege should not be tolerated. All people, regardless of whether their skin color is white or purple, should be treated equally and respectfully. Yes, DON NOT FLY JETSTAR.

Office of Fair Trading

I made a complaint to Jetstar nearly 4 weeks ago after having a poor experience including flight cancellations, additional costs and not being able to speak to an Australian employee. I attempted to resolve the dispute by phone however unable to speak to an Australian employee, via like chat with ask jess but still unable to speak with an Australian, thought I would give twitter a shot and no luck there... finally got a response when I added a manager through linkedin..

I followed proper protocol by escalating the complaint to ACA which is funded by the airlines and by no...

Why are you uncontactable?

My sister is supposed to be flying home today NOW on Jetstar. Oh no I guess that's not happening coz FFS you are on strike. I cant call her, she is off a cruise ship today and in Sydney trying to get back to Adelaide so her phone is off. But I would be a damn sight happier if SOMEONE would answer the phone, tell me wtf is going on,. when will my sis be home, today? tomorrow? next Year FFS??:?? JETSTAR ANSWER THE GOD DAMNED PHONE

Moral compass misaligned over coronavirus

I booked a flight on JetStar as part of a trip with my husband. We have had to cancel the trip since he is a Chinese national flying from China. The slight complication: I am starting from Taipei (Taiwan) and we meet up in Hong Kong.

JetStar refunded Mr. Lin's ticket but said that they could not refund mine (I stand to loose the entire price). Do they imagine that I still want to travel on my own? The customer care agent even suggested that maybe Taiwan would be included in the policy later (so he is hoping for my sake the virus spreads to Taiwan???)

They also told me there...

still waiting on death jet star response on internal investigation, however was correct they covered it up but i have surprise for them

As i was advised by death jet star they were concerned of what took place and the customer advocate stated she was doing internal investigation and would come back to us with her findings. Yer right i rang to see where it was all at and was informed they have 7 days to come back with response of investigation, took them close to 3 weeks and was sent an email only i called.
investigation found nothing as there was no response to the so called investigation nor would they supply the incident and dangerous goods reports as there not a public service they do not need to provide them, yer...

Refund but sent voucher

Hi All

UPDATE. Jetstar swapped the voucher for a bank deposit so couldn't be happier!!!

Just needing some advice one leg of our journey in NZ was cancelled as plane unable to land due to fog so we were offered a refund for that leg which we took up. Now we have been sent a voucher and they are not budging on turning this into a refund. With 6 adults on this voucher sharing is is not an option also no leave left for this year to use it.

Has anyone had luck with getting $$ refund into bank

Definition of Customer Service- provision of service before, during and AFTER a purchase

Imagine this... about to board Jetstar flight , 5 mins before announcement flight wont happen as no plane to provide service as they lost one from Bali.. queued up at desk got a $8 refreshment voucher, delay 5 hours... sound familiar
happened to us yesterday out of Adelaide .. finally got back to Melbourne at 1830.. problem pre arranged parking at airport had expired.. extra cost $30.. rang parking people regarding this told me to contact Airline.. did that .. response from Jetstar sorry we cant help...
Its not the money its the principle.. go back to the definition ...wont be...

How to screw over a family trip ?! - ask the experts- Jetstar!

How to screw over a family trip ?! - ask the experts- Jetstar!
Due to industrial strikes scheduled to start 2nd week of December 2019, there was a chance that our pre-booked holiday flights to Phuket, Thailand, could be cancelled so we decided not to take the risk as we were travelling with our two young kids (7 and 5) and we opted to take up the offer to move our flight to 2 days earlier at no additional cost.
If we didn’t opt for the earlier replacement flight, we could look at cancelled flights, which would mean a delayed departure time which would have a domino effect on...

Yet another delay...

My wife and I have just wasted FOUR HOURS of our time at Hobart airport for a flight that was supposed to leave at 1:30 pm.
Saturday 17th January. That flight is now scheduled to leave at 17:45. and each time we look at the departures board, it seems to increase by 15 minutes to half an hour in delayed time.
I vowed that I would never fly with this pathetic airline again, but gave them another chance. STUPID! STUPID ME.
This will definitely be the last time I have anything to do with the WORST AIRLINE EVER CREATED TO CURSE MANKIND.
Get your act together CRAPSTAR...

deathjetstar discriminates on passenger with FAA approved medical device broke it & passenger nearly lost his life from it.

i shall make it short. Jetstar enough discriminating customers who require essential FAA approved medical equipment that under all aircraft guidelines meets the requirements the medical device can be brought on as carry on luggage as on your own website and that of Qantas.

You nor your grown crew, cabin crew let alone pilot have any fundamental rights to conduct themselves the way they did and continue to do so with others who suffer any type of medical condition or disability , your crew have no rights to threaten passengers who not only know there rights on FAA approved medical...

False Allegation

Date: 8 January 2020 at 2:12 pm
To: Jetstar Customer Care
I was banned from boarding a Jetstar flight on 4/9/19 from Mackay to Brisbane because I was accused of urinating on a fence on the tarmac of Mackay Airport during the boarding procedure by a Jetstar Steward standing 50 metres away. Despite the opportunity to physically inspect the site for 'fluid' the Jetstar flight Supervisor refused to do so not just once, but over and over. I had/have done nothing illegal or untoward but I had to...

Disabled and ignored

I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney on 10/12/19. I have a severe knee problem and arranged for staff assistance. Melbourne staff were fine but on arriving in Sydney there were so many dramas! I was left unattended in a wheel chair in the gate lounge for over an hour. Passengers saw my distress and called a staff member over who addressed me in a tempered state and my stress escalated to tears. Passengers offered to bear witness to the incident. Finally a staff member arrived and took me down to luggage collection and promptly left me in the wheel chair and disappeared. My luggage was not...

Jetstar destroyed $400 professional camera batteries - & didn't tell me

It appears that Jetstar's systems in your company have a few loopholes. I am not convinced that they really care about customers.

On December 23rd, I flew from Nelson over to Wellington via Sounds Air Ltd. (Because Jetstar no longer provides this service ot the regions in NZ.) Entering the main lounge of Wellington airport, I had 20 minutes to connect with Jetstar flight JQ256 to Auckland. This should have been sufficient time.

Previously, I had searched online for a map of the airport, to pre-determine where Jetstar's booking counter was located. There is no such map...

Rude and Impolite Staff

First instance, I was boarding my flight in ADL to OOL when a ground staff in hurry suddenly said “Move, out my way” without any courtesy. I mean, we were not the last passengers so I don’t understand why that lady had to be so disrespectful when she just wanted to get the signs out and again, there are still a few people walking to the tarmac. I don’t think such impolite behaviour should be tolerated in a service-based industry.

Second instance was when we were boarding at the BNE airport to ADL. I was at the gate 20 mins before boarding but my husband was returning the rental car...

Don’t bother being on time

This is the second time in 2 months that Jetstar waits for passengers who can’t be a***ed to be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure, delaying the whole plane...
Of course as we wait, we lose our timeslot for takeoff. As a result Jetstar Japan is chronically 1-hour late... I will become one of those late idiots I think!

Uluru flight cancelled for hundred of travellers on New Years

Full details are here ( but in a nutshell, Jetstar was unable to check people into the flight because the internet was down. Somehow Qantas and Virgin were able to check their customers in though and get their planes off the ground. For 300+ people, after sitting on the airport floor in the check in line for six hours, the solution that Jetstar arrived at was to bus us all to Alice Springs. We...

Weighing carry on.

At home we weighed our carry on. At the Adelaide airport we weighed it again on check in and then at the gate lounge we were required to weigh it again. All hand luggage registered .4-.6 kilo more at the gate lounge compared with other scales. Imagine if you were close to 7 kgs the maximum allowable but you were over according to the gate lounge scale. Can't help but wonder if this is more Jetstar revenue raising.

No confederation for the disabled, injured or mentally ill they still treat you like a piece of shit

Tue 11,Dec 2019
Departing: 3:20pm / 15:20

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Melbourne Airport - T2 International

My son ,wife and myself boarded Jetstar Flight-JQ18 on our way home to Melbourne due to the face the flight the day previous we were 10 minutes late for check in and so theretofore missed out flight.  If all airlines policies and procedures were done to ensure logging accountability this issue should be raised under the date of thracel on the 19th  

The next day after being at the airport early before needed it was pointed out to to many...

FOMAL COMPLAIINT: -Phuket Tue 19 Nov 2019 Original Booking reference- BDB2MF

My son ,wife and myself boarded Jetstar Flight-JQ18 on our way home to Melbourne due to the face the flight the day previous we were 10 minutes late for check in and so theretofore missed out flight.  If all airlines policies and procedures were done to ensure logging accountability this issue should be raised under the date of thracel on the 19th  

The next day after being at the airport early before needed it was pointed out to to many airline staff that we had a son with ASD- (Autism syndrome disorder )and my wife had a serious injry to her foot which we had to get cleared by the...

Dishonest cheap airlines who try to rob every $$ from you

So this morning I travelled to Sydney from Melbourne with family of 12 including 4 kids. As advertised each person allowed to carry 7 kg of luggage. However at the gates, a lazy, rude and unprofessional gate keeper randomly pick 3 of us and send us back to pay extra luggage. They have another guy at the back to process the payment of extra luggage. This guy just make random decision to charge 2 of us $195 for extra luggage fee. Each of us carry 12kg of luggage which we explain that it is our kids luggage as it is impossible to get the kids to carry even 5kg of item themselves. They don't...

Xmas Cheer Jetstar

Goodbye Jetstar…

Like vultures skimming a carcass.
Two kilograms over carry-on-baggage and slugged $65

1kg water and 1kg Xmas gift. Told the wolves that I am half the weight of other passengers and my main baggage was 7kg under their limit.

…..well perhaps they should.

And No offer to remove water from my bottle

Spend at least 2k on domestic tickets with them every year. Account now closed and off to Virgin Airlines for this despicable Xmas Eve lack of compassion.