Jetstar Complaints

Last minute cancellations

Had a flight booked at 2:55pm on Monday July 27 and returning Fri July 8.
First Jetstar cancel my July 8 flight... ok, that's alright, they gave me a week warning before I left and I was able to reschedule to fly back on a Saturday instead.
Then... on the morning of my flight on July 27 at 1:50am, I get a text that this flight has also been cancelled. I have tours booked for the Tuesday through the rest of the week, but apparently the earliest they can get me there is Wednesday!!!!

Both flights were cancelled for "operational reasons", which tells me nothing but sounds...

Voucher Credit

I have a $22 credit left on a Jetstar $100 voucher but their system will not allow this to be used despite their blurb on the phone while waiting endlessly ,only to be told to ring anothr number which I have alresdy spoken to & they said they dont controll the vouchers useage so call another number..same as previously..Absolute rubbish & you cant email customer care as it just bounces back with."thank you for contacting customer care,your email did not reach us" An absolute disgrace..


Our Jetstar to Sydney from Melbourne was cancelled on Friday 13th May. We can accept the weather issue, however, despite all the spiel about customer service all we received was an email to say the flight was cancelled. The next flight out was 6 hours later flying to Sydney via Brisbane. The flight from Brisbane was delayed. Most of the decent food stores at the Brisbane airport had stopped serving food.
When we finally arrived in Sydney our plane sat on the tarmac for an hour while another Jetstar plane refueled in our bay.
I am waitng to receive an apology from Jetstar. On...

Jetstar ruined holiday

All documents were submitted 5 days prior to travel for pcr exemption. We then ring Jetstar 48 hrs before say will take note of this on file.
Get to airport no I wish they stop telling people that it’s not correct.
Lady rings Qantas to hurry process. We get told that we aren’t accepted to fly so they cancel our flights. Get home email comes through saying we were accepted however now we are canceled oh and 1.5 hrs after flight left.
We ring nothing they can do but we can purchase for tomorrow at 654 each and our return leg 580 basically paying $1200 each. Our original...

Extensive Delays

I had made all my arrangements to fly with Jetstar to get to Byron Bay, Including Car hire & Accommodation nearest the airport at my final destination, Being Ballina Airport.

Unfortunately, my connecting flight was delayed 7 hours and stranded me and my 6-year-old daughter in Sydney, That also resulted in the close of business for receiving the hire car and checking in at desired accommodation as the connecting plane was then AGAIN delayed in the Northern Territory for hours.

How on earth are parents supposed to keep their children safe in conditions like this......

Jetstar are effectively stealing from customers

Jetstar are effectively stealing money from Australian citizens. I booked to fly between Brisbane and Bali, and within days of taking my money, Jetstar cancelled all Brisbane to Bali flights depsite both Brisbane and Bali being open to accepting the flights ie not a Covid issue. I rang Jetstar and got the Philippines who repeat that heir terms and policy is that they will issue a credit voucher within two weeks and they refused any refund. This scheduling and promoting of flights then cancelling shortly after is effectively theft. Simply a method of cheap finance for Jetstar and possibly...

Laugage Price Gouging

After flying to Launceston with Qantas on the weekend I decided to fly back with Jetstar due to timing. What a mistake. I booked the baggage on my phone and thought that the $25 fee for oversize baggage was great. Half that of Qantas. That's where I wrong. This was just a handling fee. They charged be $375 at the airport despite making the booking it was just a handling fee. The insult only continued after my sons bike bag the one we just paid $375 for was left behind. There was no one at the service desk in Sydney and it took over an hour and a half to find staff fill out forms to leave...

2 x Cancellations to Bali

Jetstar are Criminals masquerading as an Airline. I booked in November 2021 to fly Cairns to Bali, they took my money and confirmed the booking. 1st Feb went online and saw my Flights had been cancelled, no notification at all. Rang Jetstar and got the Philipines they lied to me and said they notified me in December 2021 of the cancellation, absolute rubbish. He then got smart with me telling me I agreed with Terms and Conditions. He said I could fly from Cairns to Melbourne arriving 1250pm, then catch a Flight to Melb - Bali at 1005 the next day, they expected me to do a 4hr flight arrive...

Bali Flight February 2022

I'm a Baliphile and had been watching JQ through 2020 for their first flights to Bali. When it opened in October, I booked immediately, I think in about June 2021. It became obvious that the flight wouldn't operate, and it was cancelled, with plenty of notice, by Jetstar, and the first flight was then published as 02FEB22, so I booked that, returning on 14FEB. Those flights were 'subject to government and regulatory approval'. I paid for 'Fare Credit' as insurance in the uncertain times of covid.

I regularly checked the bookings, and a couple of days ago, 06JAN, I noted...

Club Jetstar

I have had nothing but problems ,with what I now consider to be the least useful thing that i have ever purchased. I find the club so difficult to navigate, that my recent booking with your company for an overseas flight was completed without the use of my membereships, as i had such difficulty gaining access .Perhaps it is a glitch,perhaps I am expecting too much I would have thought that a membership would show me my details flights ..and my vouchers Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be the case thank you Regards Len

Jetstar finally beat me too

I've had two cancellations through covid and of course these lowlifes don't refund. Now trying to use the next to useless credit they've issued and got caught by their awful website where they consider Avalon a melbourne airport. It's a $150 cab fare so that is NOT a Melbourne airport. Tried to change this back to melbourne airport- - not possible on their site. Try to chat to them- not possible unless you are flying in under 48 hours. Persisted and got some goon who told me no can't change the airport so I asked if I could cancel. Sorry not protected- you'll lose the tickets.


Jetstar finally beat me. Flight cancelation and rescheduled five times

I booked heavily discounted flights earlier in the year. Launceston to Cairns. Original trip 5 days staying at the Hilton on a special rate. Reasons we chose cairns
travel was cheap.
cairns is Warm.
Meets Tas Covid requirements.

The original flight has been canceled and rescheduled 7 times. 3 times In the last 7 days.
Each time we have changed our accommodation losing the discounted rate.
We have Lost the discounted car rental.
And the last straw forced to change all flights last minute to Virgin which the Jetstar Credit wasn’t close to...

Checked Baggage

I booked online through Qantas and was redirected to Jetstar. I paid for checked in baggage as it appeared I only was entitled to 7kg carry on. When my flight itinerary came through it was from Qantas which showed it
included 20 kg of checked in baggage. I contacted Jetstar and asked for a refund or a voucher for meals and was offered neither. I was told no refunds were available on baggage. Not impressed!!

Australian Grand Prix cancelled due to covid but Jetstar say No refund or voucher

“COVID-19’ related event
The Australian Grand Prix for 21/11/2021 has been cancelled due to covid-19 concerns. I’ve asked Jetstar for a refund or credit voucher of my return flights from Sydney on that day but they said it’s a non refundable fare. I’ve explained that I don’t need to travel to Melbourne now as the Grand Prix has been cancelled but the CSO and the manager still didn’t agree.
I explained that if I wanted to go to Melbourne at any other time it’s about $50 each way from Sydney so for 2 adults return it’s $200. As these flights are booked on Grand Prix day it’s cost...

They cancel your extra baggage allowance that your purchased directly from Jetstar and give credit back to Qantas without telling you

I brought ticket via Qantas point from Adelaide to Melbourne on 18th of May and add extra baggage directly with Jetstar and paid with my credit card. later on I decided change my flight to different time, after i changed my flight i have asked Jetstar online customer service if my extra baggage will transfer to my new ticket, they told me "yes", at meantime they ask me my name and ticket No. so I thought it was confirmed. Also I was smart enough to ask Jetstar send me that online conversation to my email.
when i went to check in , guess what !!!!!!!! they charged me $225.00 and told...

To reschedule costs more than to fly!

Now, I book a $90 dollar flight with return to Tasmania. I'm on quite a low income so I was looking for the most affordable option. However, it doesn't look like I will be making the flight, due to unexpected circumstances at work. I was aware that you cannot get a refund on the cheap package, however, I did not realise that to reschedule cost $60 dollars. Including the return flight, that's $120. I could book a new flight for less than that. For some this is an insignificant amount, but without that I go a week without petrol. I've thought about letting someone else use the tickets, but...

Australian taxpayers can't communicate with an airline in receipt of their money

I have attempted, so far unsuccessfully, to navigate Jetstar’s frustrating website to purchase two extra pieces of baggage (one being a musical instrument) on a JetStar sector from Ballina to Sydney.
I understand that Jetstar’s the sort of airline that does everything on the cheap and charges for everything. That's fair enough, that's the business model.
What is not fair enough are the extraordinary lengths to which Jetstar goes to make sure that passengers can't communicate directly with its staff.

The vicious cycle goes thus:

• Jetstar's website will allow you...


I booked a return flight to Sydney from Brisbane, 3 weeks in advance for a very important event, for my son. The day before, in the afternoon, I receive the usual (Ahead of your flight and so on). 6 hours before departure I received a text on my phone (Your flight has been cancelled sorry but go to this website and check your options. When I went on their website, they requested a 10 digit number. I entered every group of numbers on the booking document but unfortunately it was not one of them. I even tried to talk to a real person but I did not have the 10 digit number for me to talk to...

Misleading and Deceitful Advertising for Upgrades

I was due to fly to Brisbane for Easter, flying out of Melbourne on the 31st of March and returning 8th of April 2021.

As we all know, Brisbane underwent a 3 day lockdown, become a red-zone (No travel without exemption) for Victorians. Thus, as it pained me to do, had to cancel my trip to Brisbane to see my family over the long weekend.

Jetstar sends me a voucher for one of my cancelled flights, i figure given it is a busy period they will be issuing the returning flight closer to the time of the flight (8th of April).

Easter had passed, and late afternoon on the...

Rude and Ugly Jetstar staff at Sydney

i had the misfortune to see off my nephew at Sydney airport and had a gross and horribly rude and ugly person on the counter call Jean or Jane, some old cranky woman about 60 with dirty blonde/brown un washed hair in a nana bun with glasses. She spent most of her time talking across the counter with some other person with short grey hair, these people need to attend a course in good manners and customer service. Then to top it all off , we overhead some male who looks like Count Dracula except has a heavy Eastern European accent who was equally rude to an old lady travelling.

$440 flight ended up a $840 flight

Buckle up, this a very long, confusing complaint.
I booked a flight totalling $440 from Sydney to Brisbane to visit my mum for her birthday on 1st April to the 4th. Tickets are already expensive, given it’s Easter holidays.

Found out today that Brisbane is in a 3 day lockdown from now until April 1st so I’d like to cancel my flight and book another flight to visit my husband in Hobart for the same dates instead.

I phone the call centre to cancel my flight. They tell me that I will receive a credit voucher within 14 days. I wasn’t happy with that as the credit probably...

Paid an extra "late fee" because I cant get boarding pass even when I checked in.

I checked in last night and no boarding pass on my phone today when I was at the gate??
It says here on their stupid website that I have to go back to check in at the counter. They said I have checked in but was late for the gate.
Why? BecauseTHEIR LOVELY WEBSITE told me to.
And an extra $75 to get on another flight. Beauty!

To Cash the Vouchers Ref. 199576283448700001 and 202331133//228200001

Voucher Numbers:

Voucher Name:
LEMPERIERE MAES Françoise Ginette

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the two vouchers (reference above), vouchers I got following my flights cancellation.
I would be grateful to receive the cash for these vouchers. Due to the current situation, I won’t be able to use these vouchers.

Could please confirm you have receive my query and you will be able to process it. Please let me know if you need anything else from me in order to process the conversion of...

Jetstar stole my money........gave my COVID reimbursement voucher to some random.... No DOB... no confirmation email

I am from WA and in 2020 I went to visit my family over East . COVID hit and I had to cancel all of my plans... ir more like all of my plans were cancelled for me. I was taking my grandson to the Gold Coast.

I was flying JetStar (1st mistake) they cancelled my flight because of COVID then they sent me a voucher so I could recoup the funds. Great.... right.... Nah.. they then sent an email telling me the "system" accidently reimbursed me two vouchers (2nd mistake) ... 1 would be voided the other would be active.... Well.... I went to claim my airfare today and nearly all of the...